What You’ll Want to Look for in a Professional Camera Slider

Nothing will be more telling of an amateurish production than shaky camerawork.  When you’re aiming for a steady moving shot, you’ll absolutely want to be sure that you’ve chosen the right professional camera slider for your needs. There is a time and place for handheld camerawork that might contribute to the artistry of the film and story being told, but if you’re unintentionally being shaky when you’d like to be smooth, then you’re not quite doing the same thing.

A professional film’s footage should be even and steady, and a camera slider will dramatically optimize the quality of your work. You’re here to purchase the slider that will deliver the high-quality, realistic, beautiful film quality that you’re looking for, so we’ve laid out some of the main characteristics that will help you to take your next film from shaky to smooth.

You’ll want a slider that has the high-load capacity to handle all your necessary shots, but a setup that is quick and easy to break up and down. 

Apart from the slider stability, you’ll also want to be able to easily set up and disassemble its components on-site, as well as shoot flexibly in a variety of modes. With the MYT Works Camera Slider, the camera slider carriage latch is designed to quickly release the Hi-hat with the camera still mounted on the tripod head. 

Operators can continue to shoot in Hi-hat or MYT Rover Dolly mode, or set the camera down and reposition the slider to set up again. The MYT Works Camera Slider also does not require center support like other sliders. 

You’ll want versatility.

What often complicates the slider choice is the choice of camera. But from DSLRs to professional cameras of any type, the MYT Works Camera Slider’s low-profile, lightweight, high-load capacity features are designed to work with all camera types. 

Corrosion and rust-free, our sliders are manufactured from highest-grade aluminum brass and stainless steel milling materials, which can withstand adverse shooting conditions and extreme climates. The industrial-grade machined components are hand-assembled and custom-made. 

Professional camera sliders provide you with versatility in your work.

You’ll want a slider that will last.

Typical slider lubrication gathers dust which can cause a typical camera slider to deteriorate over time, but the MYT Works Camera Sliders do not require any type of lubricant since they are machined with the strongest self-lubricating polymer. Depending on your setup, you can also look into the MYT Works Camera Slider bundle, which offers our two most popular adapters to secure Glide rails to various supports, as well as a hard carrying case.

(Consider the benefits of a patented hybrid sleeve bearing wheel combination, which also allows for rock-free starts and stops and continuous motion at all speeds.) 

A reliable camera linear motion system can be counted on for years to come, and our craftsmanship and workmanship are only enhanced by our perspective of filmmakers and engineers. The MYT Works Camera Slider could be your next camera slider—and your last.

Check out this video below for a detailed overview of our MYT Works Camera Slider.

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