MYT Works Camera Sliders for cinema, TV and video production are designed to meet the practical needs of professional camera operators. Easily mounted on tripods, C-stands, and numerous alternative platforms, MYT Camera Sliders deliver smooth camera motion, modular parts for numerous quick setups, portability, and durability to withstand the rigors of production work. Double-extruded aluminum alloy rails provide the rigidity to eliminate the need for center support. Their unique hybrid rolling-sliding bearings combine a sleeve and a wheel to give operators fluid camera control and damped motion. (US Patent #9494277)

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Stud Caps with Locking Wing Nuts

Stud Caps with Locking Wingnuts

Prevent any 5/8″ stud, including light stands, from hitting the carriage with the stud caps located on each of the three static plates. Use the lateral wing nut to secure the dolly to the stud.

Double Extruded Rails

Anodized, double-extruded aluminum rails maintain rigidity at all lengths and eliminate the need for center mounted stands. Low maintenance and corrosion resistant.

Double Extruded Rails
Hybrid Rolling-Sliding Bearings

Hybrid Rolling Sliding Bearings

Our hybrid sleeve and wheel design achieves smooth, damped motion and precision control. The rolling element reduces the amount of force needed to make a move while the sliding element keeps the camera’s inertia under control, preventing overshoot and backlash.

Diverse Mounting Options

Baby Feet, ⅝” Pins,
19mm Legs (w/MYT Works Rosette Caps),
Tripod (w/MYT Works Truss-to-Tripod Adapter),
Baby or Junior Stand (w/MYT Works Jr./Baby Stand Adapter),
Various grip alternatives

Diverse Mounting Options
Hi-Hat Compatibility

MYT Works Hi-Hat

Camera Sliders use a Hi-Hat for mounting your camera to the carriage. Our Hi-Hats are comprised of modular components including a mount, tray, handle bracket and four rods. The camera mount can be quickly changed between 75/100/150mm doughnuts, a Mitchell mount or a flat mount using an Allen key.


The slider carriage anchors to the rails with sleeved bearing blocks and glides using a hybrid rolling-sliding mechanism. The Hi-Hat secures to the carriage using a built in quick-release latch. Use the carriage’s industry standard threaded through-holes to easily affix accessories such as a Bullseye level or handle.

Hi-Hat Quick Release Latch

Hi-Hat Quick Release Latch

Easily secure and release the Hi-Hat from the Camera Slider and Rover dolly using our single lever latch. A single thumbscrew located on the inside of the carriage adjusts latch pressure. If additional security is required, operators may also screw the Hi-Hat to the carriage using a set of MYT Works SRP Locking Bolts.


Our patented 3-IN-1 Camera Slider Dolly System includes the Slider, Hi-Hat, and our Rover dolly, offering three camera setups in one easy to use package. Mount the camera to the Hi-Hat and then secure the Hi-Hat to the slider, the rover, or use as a standalone support. Simple transitions are possible with our quick-release latch which easily secures and releases the Hi-Hat from the Slider and Rover dollies.

Sizes + Specs

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Duo Pod

With the MYT Works Duo-pod, operators can now support their MYT Works Slider and Skater Dollies with Speedrail legs, eliminating the need to carry bulky tripods and stands on location. The Duo-pod is designed to work with multiple support options, including Speedrail, 19mm rods, and ½”-13 leveling feet.

Duo-pod accepts:

  • Straight and Angled Speedrail Turrets which accept both 1-¼” Standard aluminum pipe and MYT Works polished and anodized Speedrail.
  • Right-angle Speedrail Clamps for situations requiring rigging.
  • Straight and Angled 19mm Rod Turrets which accept any 19mm rods, including MYT Works Step Rods.
  • 12” Arm Extenders for a wider footprint setup.

The Duo-pod can be quickly mounted and can even remain on the dolly when using other MYT mounting accessories, including the entire selection of Tripod and Half Ball Adapters.


Tailor your MYT Works system to your exact application with a full selection of accessories that allow you to explore creative production techniques on a whim. A wide and growing range of cross-compatible, multi-purpose tools makes shooting with a MYT Works system stable, versatile and productive.

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