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The MYT Works team is focused on solving the unique technical dilemmas of camera professionals seeking excellence in their camera operations. Our designs are built and manufactured in-house ensuring we have full control over the quality and reliability of our camera motion tools.

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MYT Works Camera Dollies on Set for Good Eats: The Return

Lamar Owen, Director of Photography, came to our shop yesterday to discuss his experience using MYT Works camera dollies on the set of Good Eats: The Return. Good Eats: The Return, hosted and produced by Alton Brown, is a continuation of Continue Reading

MYT Opti-Glide Camera Checkout Bays Installation at Flüg Camera Rentals in New York City

Flüg Camera Rentals are expanding their operation in NYC with a new facility in Midtown Manhattan. Ideally located, in a beautiful, classic NYC loft with great views of the city, this light-filled space is perfect for a camera rental department Continue Reading

Final Stages of the Opti-Glide Installation at Camera Ambassador in Chicago

Our Opti-Glides installation at Camera Ambassador is almost done and entering in its last phase today! All the electronic components and cable runs that are needed to set up the Calibration-free distance digital readouts, the motor, and keyboard interface are Continue Reading