CineGear LA Expo 2023 at Paramount Studios

CineGear LA: A Platform for Innovation & Connection

We recently had the incredible opportunity to attend the prestigious CineGear Expo in Los Angeles, held on the lot at Paramount Studios. We are thrilled to share our gratitude for the overwhelming support and positive response we received for all our systems, particularly our Cinétique multi-axis camera control system, which pulled quite the crowd. It was a remarkable experience that allowed us to showcase our various camera motion control systems while connecting with fellow industry professionals.

Our award-winning Cinétique camera motion control system captured the attention of industry experts, filmmakers, and enthusiasts alike. This groundbreaking system takes a unique approach to camera motion control technology that challenges the standards and limitations of conventional robotic systems available today. This created a buzz that left attendees eager to learn more.

Gratitude for Support

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who stopped by our booth to show their enthusiasm for our products. We had the pleasure of engaging in insightful conversations, exchanging ideas, and learning from fellow experts in the field. The valuable insights we’ve garnered motivate us to continue to push the standards of camera motion control technology, helping us evolve not only as a company but as a community. The film industry thrives on collaboration, and the connections we made during this event will undoubtedly pave the way for exciting future partnerships and collaborations.

Moving Forward

As we reflect on our experience at CineGear, we are reminded of our unwavering commitment to providing innovative design & engineering solutions to the unique challenges faced by filmmakers. It’s opportunities like this one that keep us on the cutting edge of innovation, enabling us to continuously up-the-ante of our ongoing endeavour to create tools for filmmakers in both pre-production and production that aren’t yet available; hence our motto, “Born out of Frustration”.


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