Rover Dolly 360

Rover 360 Camera Dolly

The one and only Camera Rover Dolly now with multiple radius options, precise curved moves, and full 360 degrees shots. From DSLR to midsize film and video camera to fully loaded professional cine cameras, the Rover 360 is here to bring a whole new level of cinematic curved camera motion. With its unique interchangeable wheel system, it can be configured to handle a variety of professional camera settings for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

This cine camera rover dolly is designed to roll along with its assigned curved motion without unwanted play, wiggling, undesirable hesitation, or even the mildest off-track deviation from the operator’s intended move. There is “no play” within any of the Rover 360 components to worry about as each part is designed to nest tightly with the other. There is no backlash either. The Rover 360 will begin or settle a camera move naturally, without rocking back and forth, allowing for a clean start and stop every time. The Rover 360 is a precise mechanical device intended to provide the operator with a tool that can give him or her the means to introduce a curved motion around a subject or object without a heavy, cumbersome, or time-consuming setup.

With the Rover 360, we want to take the question of “whether the dolly will move how we want it to move” out of the equation.

Sizes + Specs

Weight – 3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg

Wheel Diameter – 5″ / 127 mm

Load Capacity – 65 lbs . 29.5 kg

Release Lock

The release lock allows for a quick release of the radius position. By simply lifting the ring, the ball slides through the angles.

Mounting Options

A flat mount, 75 and 100 mm doughnuts can be mounted on the flush plate located on the carriage. An optional hi-hat adapter is available for 150 mm ant Michel mounting options. This adapter is mounted on the carriage and can be fitted with either the 150 mm or Mitchell mount. The standard height for the rods is 3 inches. They can be replaced with various sizes rods as well.

Locking Mechanism

Once the angle Is selected, the wing nuts can be tightened on both sides to secure both axles.


Two wheelsets can be used with the Rover 360. They can be easily removed and replaced with either set.


Optical distance from the center to the person or object is provided both in inches and centimeters. In a full circle motion, when the person or object is located at the center of the circle, the distance will remain the same, hence forgoing the need to adjust the focus.


There are five angles of curved and/or circled camera motion available. Each Radius is defined in 15 degrees increment from 0 to 90 degrees.
myt works rover dolly

Professional Rover Dolly

The Professional Rover Dolly is no longer available. The New Rover 360 Cine Camera Dolly is replacing this model. For more information on the new Rover 360 Camera Dolly, request info here.

The MYT Works Rover Dolly allows for continuous moves across long distances on flat surfaces. Mount your camera to the Rover dolly using our removable Hi-Hat, which can also be used with our Slider and Skater dollies or as a standalone camera support.

The Rover’s modular design incorporates a quick-release Hi-Hat latch and removable airless foam wheels for ease of transport. Additionally, its small footprint allows operators to achieve nimble, creative shots in narrow spaces. By locking the pan on the camera head, operators can steer the rover to achieve a subtle curved camera motion. 

Sizes + Specs

Weight – 3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg

Wheel Diameter – 5″ / 127 mm

Load Capacity – 65 lbs . 29.5 kg

Rover Dolly in Action

Detailed Features of Our Rover Dolly

Quick Release Latch

Remove Hi-Hat via quick release latch to use in standalone mode or with MYT Works Slider or Skater dolly.

Rig Customization

Features multiple standard threaded through-holes for accessories such as Bullseye levels, wooden handles, and other tools.

3-IN-1 System

The Rover dolly completes our Camera Slider 3-IN-1 System which offers three camera setups in one easy to use package.

Airless Foam Wheels

Low maintenance, non-pneumatic wheels for balanced shots. Removable for easy transport.

Mounting Options

Mount your camera to the Rover dolly using a MYT Works Hi-Hat with 75/100/150mm doughnuts, flat mount, or Mitchell mount.