myt works rover dolly

Rover Dolly

The MYT Works Rover Dolly allows for continuous moves across long distances on flat surfaces. Mount your camera to the Rover dolly using our removable Hi-Hat, which can also be used with our Slider and Skater dollies or as a standalone camera support.

The Rover’s modular design incorporates a quick release Hi-Hat latch and removable airless foam wheels for ease of transport. Additionally, its small footprint allows operators to achieve nimble, creative shots in narrow spaces. By locking the pan on the camera head, operators can steer the rover to achieve a subtle curved camera motion. 

Quick Release Latch

Remove Hi-Hat via quick release latch to use in standalone mode or with MYT Works Slider or Skater dolly.

Rig Customization

Features multiple standard threaded through-holes for accessories such as Bullseye levels, wooden handles, and other tools.

3-IN-1 System

The Rover dolly completes our Camera Slider 3-IN-1 System which offers three camera setups in one easy to use package.

Airless Foam Wheels

Low maintenance, non-pneumatic wheels for balanced shots. Removable for easy transport.

Mounting Options

Mount your camera to the Rover dolly using a MYT Works Hi-Hat with 75/100/150mm doughnuts, flat mount, or Mitchell mount.
myt works rover dolly with hi-hat and camera

Sizes + Specs

Weight – 3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg

Wheel Diameter – 5″ / 127 mm

Load Capacity – 65 lbs . 29.5 kg

Rover Videos


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