MYT Works is an engineering, design, and manufacturing company in New York that specializes in the micro-manufacturing of professional camera motion equipment and technology for the film industry.  

Our journey is about solving the unique technical dilemmas faced by film professionals who seek precision and excellence in camera operation. Innovative design and engineering solutions are essential to our ongoing endeavor to create tools for Filmmakers in pre-production and production that are not available; hence our motto, “Born out of Frustration”. 

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We offer bespoke, made-to-order equipment that values craftsmanship, versatility, adaptability, aesthetic, and integrity, both in structure and practice. Our multi-patented systems are designed to work in the most demanding of environments while maintaining an unparalleled level of camera control. Each part is done in-house from our machine shop in Brooklyn, which enables us to have full quality control over our products. 

From the award-winning Opti-Glide & Cinétique, to our premier camera sliders and skater dollies, our products and systems are renowned for their remarkably smooth motion with clean starts and stops which serve camera operators, lens technicians, dolly grips and cinematographers in film and broadcasting industries worldwide.