For over 12 years MYT Works has designed and manufactured professional camera motion equipment for the film industry. Our company was created as an endeavor of Turn of the Century Pictures, a Manhattan-based film production studio. Our founder’s experience as a filmmaker and his exasperation with existing camera tools led him to collaborate with a team of engineers to create better solutions; thus, MYT Works was Born Out of Frustration.

Our team solves the unique technical dilemmas of camera professionals who seek excellence in camera operation. Our in-house design and manufacturing ensures that we have full quality control to deliver functionality and reliability in our camera motion tools.

Our location in New York City keeps us on the pulse of the industry on all fronts: broadcast, cinema production and independent filmmaking. All of our products are built and serviced at our Brooklyn location.

MYT Works is founded by Etienne Sauret, an independent filmmaker with over 30 years of professional film experience. Working with television programs across North and South America, one of Etienne’s documentaries was shown on the Discovery Channel back in the 90’s. Etienne is well known for his documentaries on the September 11th, 2001 events in NYC. His footage became known as WTC: The First 24 Hours. This film plays every hour at the New York Historical Society.

At Work Producing
MYTWorks Office


From our award winning Opti-Glide to our premier skater dollies, our products serve camera operators, dolly grips and cinematographers in video, film and broadcasting industries worldwide.

The only micro-manufacturer of camera movement equipment in NYC
Micro-manufacturing allows us to be nimble with our design process and therefore more responsive to the changing needs of our clients. Our small shop assembles to order to ensure quality control and better customer service. At MYT Works, we precision machine our own parts from solid aluminum and steel to build products that last a professional lifetime.

Our camera support tools are known for the following features:
Smooth Motion
Our sleeve and wheel bearings, spring-loaded wheels and fluidless camera heads are known for their smooth motion and clean starts and stops.

Built to Last
All parts are machined — not cast — from weather- and corrosion-resistant industrial-grade materials. This ensures performance over the long-term, even with rough handling and in adverse environments.

Designed for Setup Speed and Adaptability
Interchangeable parts across product lines offer unparalleled versatility. Set up with less time and fewer tools.

User Driven Details
Designed for filmmakers by filmmakers, MYT Works products present solutions to the everyday challenges that camera operators face. Direct contact between our engineers and clients allow for the integration of product features that elevate production quality, save time and diminish mishaps. Contact Us Today or read reviews from our loyal customers.