MYT Works Skater System features our Skater rigging plate, detachable wheel modules and aluminum end trusses that support standard speedrail. Skater dollies are suitable for all cameras from DSLRs to fully loaded broadcast rigs. The Skater plate is a versatile mounting tool in itself; use the plate as a traditional skater platform, as a Hi-Hat with static legs or mount a camera to its underside for underslung shooting. Copious standard threaded through-holes allow you to mount the plate to challenging surfaces as well as attach lights and other camera accessories. When using in skater mode, spring-loaded wheel modules grip the rails, providing the smoothest possible motion. Each end of your track is supported by a MYT Works Aluminum End Truss that can be mounted on any industry standard stands, keeping your camera setup secure.

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Spring Loaded Wheel Module

Spring-Loaded Wheel Module

MYT Works Skater Dollies use spring-loaded wheel modules that grip the rails, providing smooth motion whie keeping your camera setup secure. We include a brake SRP Locking Bolt with every set of modules.

Skater Plate

The Skater Plate doubles as a sophisticated rigging plate with numerous standard ¼”-20, ⅜”-16 and ½”-13 threaded through-holes for myriad mounting options. Use the Skater Plate as a traditional skater platform, mount the plate on 19mm or standard speedrail legs to use as a Hi-Hat or mount a camera to its underside for underslung shooting.

Skater Plate
Diverse Mounting Options

Diverse Mounting Options

Baby Feet
⅝” Pins
19mm Legs (w/ MYT Works Rosette Caps)
Tripod (w/ MYT Works Truss-to-Tripod Adapter)
Baby or Junior Stand (w/ MYT Works Junior/Baby Stand Adapter)
Various grip alternatives


The Level 5 and Constellation Skater Plates run on standard 1¼” aluminum pipe allowing you to easily procure rails on location from a local hardware store or camera equipment rental house. Increase the track length of your level 5 or Constellation by linking standard speedrail sections end-to-end with our Speedrail Connectors and place Middle Truss supports as needed.

Custom Speedrail
Hi-Hat Compatibility

Hi-Hat Compatibity

All Skater Plates are compatible with the MYT Works Hi-Hat by securing into place with four SRP Locking Bolts and/or quick-release latch. The quick-release latch allows you to easily dismount the camera and transfer to a MYT Works Rover Dolly, MYT Works Skater or Glide Slider, or to use in standalone mode.

Aluminum End Trusses

Attach to the end of your Skater.  Mount them onto the truss baby feet at a 15-degree angle, or with a set of rosette leg adapters to mount at any height and angle.

Aluminum End Truss

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Tailor your MYT Works system to your exact application with a full selection of accessories that allow you to explore creative production techniques on a whim. A wide and growing range of cross-compatible, multi-purpose tools makes shooting with a MYT Works system stable, versatile and productive.