The Cinetique

5-axis camera motion control system for the VFX industry

The Cinetique is a multi-axis camera motion control system designed, engineered and built on an industry-first isolated axis configuration, unlike any other system currently available in the industry.

Easy 180° & 360° shots

The system takes a unique approach to motion control. Instead of utilizing robotic arms and/or cranes, which naturally limit motion in certain ways due to a phenomenon called ‘inverse kinematics’, the Cinetique uses 5 completely isolated axes that allow the user to move the camera in all possible directions within its movement envelope. This includes difficult shots such as 180° and 360°, and more, all without seeing the system in the view of the camera.

Intuitive design

Setting a shot is intuitive without requiring extensive training. It can also be accomplished without a second person present. The common sense touchscreen interface is welcoming to non-professionals and professionals alike.

Its design centers around the notion that essential cinematic moves should be easy to do, feel natural and quick to set up.

The System:

  • Can be moved manually by one operator while recording the move, allowing for instant replay of the move
  • Offers a variety of preset moves that can be adjusted, modified, and/or recorded on the fly
  • Can be fully controlled by one operator. All the main features and functions can be easily learned with an intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Can be controlled in a variety of ways including game controllers and third-party units
  • Comes with the option to be connected to Dragon frame
  • Offers traditional ramping up and down, speed controls and other standard features in camera motion control
  • Will provide the operator with an editable timeline
  • Can offer an unobstructed 360 degrees view

It’s designed to:

  • Be quiet and allow for contiguous sound recording
  • Easy to install and only requires 110V power
  • Extremely light, allowing for integration and installation in any environment
Fully scalable.
Custom sizes are available according to the client’s requirements.
The Cinetique aims to challenge how camera motion control has been developed and offered until now.