Opti-Glide Camera Glider

Calibration System for Prep Bays, Special Effects, Commercials & More

The Only Calibration-Free, Real-Time Distance Display, Motor/Crank/Manual System available.

The MYT Works Opti-Glide Camera Glider is a highly configurable, custom slider system designed for a variety of precision positioning applications including camera rental house prep bays; lens projectors and lens calibration; and underslung camera work for special effects, commercials, and television applications.

In camera rental houses, the Opti-Glide Camera Glider significantly speeds up the camera checkout process by making precise chart adjustment quick and intuitive. For the camera rental house, this means faster checkouts and less staff intervention. For the operator, it’s a simpler faster and far more precise process for any camera or lens.

The Opti-Glide Camera Glider benefits form a decade of research, development, and manufacturing that MYT Works has put into its patented 3-in-1 Camera Slider and Skater Dolly systems.

  • Calibration-Free Distance Measurement for Camera Rental Checkouts, Projector and Camera Systems
  • Manual, Remote Handwheel, and Motor Operation Options; All Clutch-Free
  • Real-Time Imperial and Metric Distance Digital Readout
  • Film Plane Linear Encoder and Laser Sight
  • Options for Lengths and Configurations including Multiple Carriages
myt works 2019 product of the year award winner

Calibration Free

All Opti-Glides come equipped with a laser sight zero reference. At the push of a button, operators can simply line up their camera’s film plane to the zero point by sliding the head’s dovetail-- displayed in real-time and continuously refreshing.

Encoder and Distance Readout

An industrial magnetic encoder provides extremely accurate distance readout. The encoder does not require any homing or re-zeroing even after power loss so constantly checking the distance with a tape measure is unnecessary.

Distance Display at a Glance

Distance is displayed on a large monitor in real time with up to three decimal places of precision and accuracy up to five hundredths of an inch. The monitor can be positioned on carriage, pedestal or in the vicinity of the system.

Smooth Motion

The chart can be moved effortlessly with one finger and stopped precisely without any back and forth settling motion. The user will never fight the system to get the chart precisely where they want.

Handwheel & Motor

With the Opti-Glide's smooth handwheel and motor technology, the carriage can simultaneously be moved by hand, remote handwheel or by motor all without worrying about clutches or disconnects.

Height Adjustable Chart Frame

Each system is modular and can be configured in length and height to the specific needs of the application. The carriage is fitted with a vertical leadscrew column for precise height adjustment.

Industry Standard Mounting Options

The system can be mounted in a variety of ways including with standard industry rigging options. Complicated pipe grid structures are not necessary to support the system. When attached to an I-beam, our adjustable clamps can be tuned to ensure the entire length of the track is level.

Laterally Adjustable Brackets

A horizontally leveled chart is imperative for proper camera checkout procedures. A built-in swiveling mechanism allows for the brackets, which support the Opti-Glide rails, to be adjusted laterally, allowing for an extremely precise adjustment of the level perpendicular to the rails.

Motor Driven

The motor is designed for durability and years of continuous use. The interface was created with first-time users in mind so no training is necessary. The operator can enter a distance or select from programmed presets for quick one-touch moves at a moment’s notice.

Multiple Carriage Options

This unique feature, which allows each carriage to be controlled independently with the same options, is particularly useful for dual charts configuration on a single lane.

Industry Standard Distance Display

Our Opti-Glide interface can display distance in feet, inches, meters, centimeters, millimeters and fractionals. Selection is done via a single key, instantly displaying the distance.

Industry First Handwheel

The industry-first handwheel allows the operator to control the chart from the camera station. The hand wheel automatically disengages for operator safety when the chart is actuated by hand or motor.

Light Support & Power Management

An adjustable lighting panel support that can be moved forward or backward to adjust the light's distance to the chart. A variety of mounting options enables the use of any lighting fixture.

Built-in Cable Management System

Each Opti-Glide comes with a built-in cable management chain that allows the carriage to move continuously without power cables tangling or disconnecting.
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Opti-Glide Reticle

myt works opti-glide reticle

Expanding on the unique capabilities of the MYT Works Opti Glide dj-CAL camera checkout bay system, the MYT Opti-Glide Reticle offers a whole new array of features meant to facilitate and streamline the lens calibration process for camera in-house technicians. With the MYT Opti-glide Reticle, calibration-free spot-on distance digital read-outs, coupled with a seamlessly aligned screen board, make for a much faster calibration process of any lens. With a screen board that can be moved and set to desired distances manually, with our hand-crank system, or with our clutch free motor system, the in-house camera technician can save a significant amount of time checking every lens. Multiply the process by multiple reticle lenses on a regular basis and very quickly, hours of technician time can be spent on other tasks at end.

The system’s precision removes any ambiguity as to whether a lens needs to be checked. The instant feedback provided by real-time calibration-free distance read-out from the reticle to the screen board removes any doubt as to whether the lens needs work. As for the accuracy of the distance digital readout itself, it can be displayed up to 3 decimals points, an unparalleled level of accuracy, one that has never been offered before. 

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The carriage system on the MYT Opti-Glide Reticle was designed and engineered to address one of the most important requirement of such a system : A perfectly leveled carriage in all relevant planes for the screen. Instead of one main column, the carriage is designed with two supporting ones that can handle both the weight and size of the screen board as well as enabling multiple plane adjustments. The board is mounted on a rigid support frame that can, not only be adjusted vertically as well as laterally, but also left and right in relation to the field of vision. These added features allow for a precise look into the projected image and determine any deviation of the lens being mounted.

Vertical Keystone Adjustment

The two supporting arms behind the target rotate on a pivot to provide vertical keystone correction and ensure perpendicularity with the projector's optical axis.

Horizontal Keystone Adjustment

The two mounting brackets also provide minute rotational adjustment of the target horizontally, thus ensuring the left and right sides of the target are equidistant from the projector.

Target Height Adjustment

Lifting screws located behind the target enable fine tuning of the target's center height in relation to the projector's optical axis. The level can be also be precisely set by adjusting one side or the other independently.

Large Target Frame

The target frame is designed to handle heavier targets including steel-clad aluminum honeycomb boards. Multiple clamps can be used to prevent the target from moving during use.

Dual Handle

Mounted to the carriage, the handle remains clear of the projected image and allows for a smooth manual control of the target.

Side Mount Monitor

The display mounts to the side of large targets so the distance is conveniently located in front of the projector operator. Power and signal cables are routed by the cable chain mounted to the carriage.
Opti-Glide infographic
Opti-Glide Reticle infographic


myt works opti-glide loca images pedestal

Rock-Solid Multi-Stage Leveled Camera Platform For Checkout Bays

With its unique structural design, the MYT Works Camera Pedestal represents a radical departure from the traditional, single column pedestal design. The Pedestal can be configured with three, four or five legs of any length to insure a rock-solid platform that takes up minimal floor space. Each leg passes through their clamps allowing the height to be adjusted on the fly. It can even be mounted “underslung” to the ceiling, clearing the floor entirely and providing better access to equipment around the camera.
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The Pedestal supports all industry standard camera mounts including 75, 100, and 150 mm balls as well as Mitchell mounts. The camera and head can be mounted flush to the platform surface or elevated above the plate using a MYT Works Hi-Hat. The Hi-Hat can be easily attached and removed via a quick release latch allowing operators to switch configurations quickly and without tools.

Working surfaces can be added inside and outside the Pedestal envelope to maximize surface area and keep important equipment, tools and accessories at hand’s reach. All of these mounting surfaces can be adjusted independently from one another to suit each user’s needs. A variety of camera accessories can be mounted to any of the Pedestal stages by the various ¼”-20, ⅜”-16 and ½”-13 threads. The Pedestal can also be fitted with an optional precision lifting system that allows for a fine vertical height adjustment of the camera and head (or other heavy equipment) without having to remove them first.

Camera Pedestal Structure

Unlike a traditional Pedestal Column structure, our Camera Pedestal’s unique design features 4 independent legs which can be set at any desired height. The 4-leg-design allows for an extremely rigid and leveled surface.

Multiple Attachment Points

The Pedestal upper-plate doubles as a working area around the camera setup. It is also fitted with numerous 1/4 20 and 3/8 threads to mount monitors, accessories and/or any support all around the plate.

Extension Arms

The MYT Pedestal extension arm can be mounted on any one of the legs to support ether 1 inch and 1/4 rods or our 1/2 13 rods. They can be used for lights, monitors and/or any accessory needed for your project.

Base Flange

The 4 Pedestal legs are secured via 4 base flanges on the floor. Lateral bolts hold the Pedestal in place for easy removal if needed. Four countersunk holes allow for all types of bolts and screws to be used to secure the Pedestal. One recommended option for hard floors including concrete is to use anchored steel inserts and 1/4 20 bolts. This option allows the base flange to be removed from the floor when the pedestal needs to be moved temporarily.

Hi-Hat Configuration

The pedestal can accept our Hi-Hat fitted with either a Mitchell, 150/100/75 mm mount. The system comes with four 1-inch rods but can be switched for longer rods. Locking bolts secure the Hi-Hat, which can be easily removed by simply unthreading the bolts. This feature is helpful with putting any mount on the Pedestals and removing the camera and head without taking the whole setup apart.

Dovetail Plate Mounting

Compounded with its unique capabilities in handling a removable Hi-Hat, the MYT Pedestal can also support a Dovetail Plate mounted directly onto the upper plate. This option allows mounting a camera or projector directly, and is particularly helpful for environments where multiple uses of the pedestal are needed.

Dovetail Plate on Half Ball Adapter

With the addition of our half ball adapter, a Dovetail plate can be mounted on the Hi-Hat and bypass the use of a tripod head. This configuration is particularly helpful when a head is not available. In this configuration, the camera must be adjusted and leveled every time.

Working Sliding Platform

Located on the side facing the camera, the sliding platform, made of solid wood, can be used to set any accessory on its surface. It was intentionally designed to support a laptop. Once closed a laptop can be stowed away under the upper plate.

Sliding Utility Drawer

A solid walnut wood drawer, the drawer can be mounted under any of the plates on the Pedestal, including the top one. It is designed to store tools and accessories.

Numerous Storing Options

The MYT Pedestal can support more than one intermediate plate for a wood tray and/or any additional equipment needed around the pedestal. A third plate near the floor is often used to support power supplies and batteries.

Adjustable Tray

Similar to a camera box, this adjustable swinging tray can be mounted on any of the 4 legs at any height. The camera operator or assistant can use it in close proximity of the camera and/or lens in the same way that they would on a film set.

Second Stage Tray

Made out of solid walnut, the tray snaps securely into place atop any of the sub-plates on the Pedestal. It is particularly useful as a working tray that can be removed in and out at a moment's notice.


Fitted with a customizable camera platform, the MYT Works Opti-Glide can be integrated in studio and special effects setups where precise camera motion and remote capabilities are essential to the production workflow.

The platform supports a camera body in underslung mode. Adjust the camera height with the lead-screw column, and mount lights next to the camera with the bridge support.

Move the camera manually with the hand crank or remotely with the clutch-free motor. Distances are displayed in real time with the distance display digital readout which, along with the cable management system, allows for remote monitoring. Presets are programmable with the optional motor module.


Fitted with a customizable camera platform, the MYT Works Opti-Glide can be integrated in studio and special effects setups where precise camera motion and remote capabilities are essential to the production workflow.

The platform supports a camera body in underslung mode. Adjust the camera height with the lead-screw column, and mount lights next to the camera with the bridge support.

Move the camera manually with the hand crank or remotely with the clutch-free motor. Distances are displayed in real time with the distance display digital readout which, along with the cable management system, allows for remote monitoring. Presets are programmable with the optional motor module.

The MYT Works Opti-Glide system is designed for a variety of supports besides Chart systems. One particularly suited for our carriage design is the integration of a platform system that allows for high-resolution projectors for camera checkout departments and calibrations rooms for technicians looking to precisely calibrate lenses. The MYT Works Opti-Glide projector platform system is ideally suited for this purpose.

  • Extremely accurate motion with solid starts and stops
  • Brake system once the projector is at the predetermined location from the projected image
  • Chain tracks to bring power and control cables to the projector
  • Adjustable height control with break-free lead-screw column
  • Underslung design allows for clutter-free work area
  • Very easy to mount, level and setup
  • Maintenance is nominal with each component designed to withstand years of continuous usage
  • All our components are machined to exacting tolerances in our machine shop

To provide some perspective on the platform design and its profile, the stills show a MYT Opti-Glide system fitted with a MFC-65 Denz projector. We offer not only a standard platform to mount any kind of projector but we can also design and mill custom plates for specific applications. Here, For the Denz MFC-65, the custom platform allows to adjust each feet individually for leveling purposes. Additional through holes were added on to the plate to allow for safety screws once the level is set.

The MYT Works Opti-Glide Chart and projector platform system integrates numerous features and some of our patented technology into many its components. Additionally, the MYT Works Opti-Glide can support cameras and heads in underslung applications for special effects, commercial and television applications.

Opti-Glide Videos