MYT Works Camera Dollies on Set for Good Eats: The Return

Lamar Owen, Director of Photography, came to our shop yesterday to discuss his experience using MYT Works camera dollies on the set of Good Eats: The Return. Good Eats: The Return, hosted and produced by Alton Brown, is a continuation of Mr. Brown’s Good Eats series that has aired on the Food Network for many years.

Good Eats, Food Network, Alton Brown, Opti-Glide
Good Eats, Food Network, Alton Brown, Camera Slider

This season, Lamar has made use of a full array of MYT Works equipment including two Large Camera Sliders (5ft and 8ft), a Velvet Nodal Head, and a fully rigged 15-foot Opti-Glide. He’s kindly shared with us some behind the scenes photos of his MYT Works camera dollies in action.

The variety of ways the Good Eats team is using the MYT Works Sliders is very impressive. In one setup, the 8ft Large is mounted on a dolly and attached to the set. In another, the camera is mounted on the Large Underslung Kit to shoot above the counter. To fit the rig into tight spaces on-set, Lamar operates the camera with longer rods on the Hi-Hat. The majority of overhead work is done with the Opti-Glide, a Constellation Skater Dolly Platform, and Velvet Nodal Head. This rig allows the Panasonic Varicam camera to look straight down on the counter space where Mr. Brown cooks and does many of his presentations.

Good Eats, On-Set, Opti-Glide, Alton Brown

All these shots are intentionally done without the assistance of motion control as this is something Mr. Brown favors. The show’s brisk pace and visual cues are enhanced by the extensive use of linear motion and overhead reveals.

It’s exciting to see all of the creative ways Lamar and his team are using MYT Works Camera Sliders. We want to thank them for their support and for sharing these behind the scenes photos with us. We’re all looking forward to the new season of Good Eats!

Good Eats, Food Network, Camera Slider
Good Eats, Food Network, Alton Brown, Camera Slider
Good Eats, Food Network, Alton Brown, Camera Slider

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