Professional Solutions

The MYT Works Head Line offers fluidless nodal camera heads with instinctual, natural quality of motion. Our heads move in sync with applied pressure and come to rest without backlash or overshoot, allowing for exceptional precision and repeatability. We offer two camera head models, the compact Velvet and the heavy duty Velour, so you’re covered whether you’re shooting on a DSLR or a 3D rig. Both models can be used in conjunction with MYT Works Sliders, Skaters and accessories as well as other industry standard camera support tools.

360° Pan and Tilt Ranges

On the MYT Works Nodal Head, release the lever brake to precisely adjust the tilt axis nodal point using a lead screw. Once adjusted to the desired level, simply lock the lever back in place.

Continuous Dampers

The fluidless design of our Nodal Heads allows both pan and tilt dampers to be adjusted even while making a move. Each axis may be adjusted precisely to fine-tune the motion to the operator’s needs.

Mounting Base Options

Velour can accommodate 100mm doughnut, 150mm doughnut, and Mitchell bases. Velvet can accommodate 75mm doughnut, 100mm doughnut, and flat mount bases.

Handle Configurations

All handles feature 48 teeth MYT Works Rosettes for flexibility. Use a combination of extenders to find the perfect distance and angle for comfortable operation on your MYT Works Nodal Head.

Camera Plate

The longitudinal slot on the camera plate allows you to precisely locate the camera’s sensor on the pan axis. A two-lock mechanism maintains the horizontal position precisely.

Tilt Axis Riser

Gain a wider range of tilt angles with our 3½” tilt axis riser so you can get a steeper shot or accommodate longer lenses with your MYT Nodal Head.

Sizes + Specs

Load Capacity40lbs / 18kg80lbs / 36kg
Pan Range360° with Lock360° with Lock
Tilt Range360° with Lock360° with Lock
Mounting Options3/8"-16 Flat Mount
75mm Ball
100mm Ball
150mm Ball
100mm Ball
150mm Ball
Weight18lbs / 8kg55lbs / 25kg


Tailor your MYT Works system to your exact application with a full selection of accessories that allow you to explore creative production techniques on a whim. A wide and growing range of cross-compatible, multi-purpose tools makes shooting with a MYT Works system stable, versatile and productive.