Two New Ways to Move from MYT Works

Introducing the Constellation Shooting Star and the Verti-Lift

Brooklyn, NYMYT Works, a leader in precision filmmaking equipment, proudly introduces the Constellation Shooting Star (CSS18) and the Verti-Lift, two innovative systems for horizontal and vertical camera motion. These cross-compatible tools give crews the means to expand their creative footprint, getting the shot even on days when time is tight, the location is a hike, or both.

The Constellation Shooting Star (CSS18) is a hybrid camera dolly system that combines the comfort and control of a studio-scale dolly, with the portability of a skater. Its namesake 18 wheels are configured in spring-loaded groups, which yield additional stability and smooth motion on both straight and circular tracks. The CSS18 runs on 12” or 24” tracks, as well as in floor and doorway dolly setups. Its modular design incorporates MYT Works’ patented 3-in-1 technology and exclusive “Quatripod Mode,” which allows the dolly to be lifted off the track to stand alone, without unmounting the camera. Key accessories include an adjustable swivel seat, telescopic legs, and a footrest for operator support. Weighing under 100 lbs, the CSS18 is the first truly portable camera dolly that can be set up by one person and transported in a large Pelican case.

The Verti-Lift is a vertical camera lifting device engineered for precise and silent vertical camera movement. It can be configured with a motor and module controllers, and/or a manual hand crank. Depending on the size chosen, it can be mounted below or even above the camera head. By bringing the ability to fine-tune camera height close to the camera itself, operators can work more ergonomically, without the need to adjust floor-level supports.

Both systems are backwards compatible with existing MYT Works lines as well as standard third-party gear, providing filmmakers with new options for precise, modular camera movement. A range of sizes and accessories are available for both systems, serving a range of camera sizes and creative needs (narrative, commercial, broadcast, live event, VFX, unscripted).

MYT Verti-Lift mounted on the CSS18 Plate

Like all MYT Works gear, the Constellation Shooting Star (CSS18) and Verti-Lift are engineered and produced in Brooklyn, NY. Etienne Sauret, founder and cinematographer, contextualizes the CSS18 within the history of camera dollies: “Despite significant progress in digital cameras and other equipment, the camera dolly has seen little technical improvement for decades,” says Sauret. The CSS18 is a “game changer” that offers smooth motion, ease of travel, and a modular design that allows for shots on and off the unit without unmounting the camera. Chad Kagan, head engineer, describes the Verti-Lift as an “exciting challenge” that allowed for collaboration between departments. “Our work on the Opti-Glide had shown us the incredible potential of integrating electronic and manual controls. When we reached this phase, it felt like we were right at home.”

Prototypes are being shown at trade shows in LA (CineGear June 7-8, CineBeer June 9), and production begins this summer. Purchases can be made direct from MYT Works. For more information regarding deposits, purchasing, and financing options, visit

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