A Few Words From All of Us at MYT Works

Good day. I hope you are doing well and keeping safe.

We wanted to give you an update from the MYT Works team. Like many of you throughout the country and abroad, we are also in lockdown with most team members working from home. We are definitely in the midst on a major shift that is, and will continue, to affect everyone for the foreseeable future.

In New York City, it is so incredibly quiet and deserted that it feels as if we were suspended in a bubble floating away, a vessel everyone left prior to departure, in route to nowhere. It seems at times as it we were transported in a future of New York as an archeological site.

At MYT, the team is coming together, working remotely and it is working surprisingly well.

Ironically, the pandemic has given us time to work on new designs and systems that we have been wanting to develop for quite some time, but have never been able to with all the latest installations, machining, and assembly work that needed to be done. The last few weeks have been very creative ones and we are really excited at some of the progress we’ve made.

We are developing a whole new set of accessories compatible with both the MYT Medium and Large Camera Sliders and the MYT Works Skater Dolly. We have completed the designs and are ready to prototype :

1- The latest iteration of the Duopod system, an accessory we began working on a couple of years ago and introduce at NAB 2018.
2- The Mitchell Rotating Base. This latest iteration is far more versatile and offers add-on features never available on an accessory of this type.
3- A new clamp system compatible with the Duopod that is used for rigging speed-rail on location. This accessory will allow for all kinds of rigging options not available before.

We are also designing some new accessories that will give the operator a whole new way of controlling the carriage on our camera sliders.

The MYT Works Opti-Glide Camera Check-out Bay System is also being fitted with new accessories that will continue to expand the numerous options already available on the Opti-Glide.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to give you any more details at this time as we are applying for a patent with some of these accessories and cannot reveal anything yet.

Hopefully by late spring, we’ll begin testing the latest prototypes on some of the products we are working on. We want to send you some of our pre-production accessories for testing. We believe feedback is very important, and your thoughts and suggestions will help us manufacture the best product we can. If you are interested in being a beta tester, let us know, we’ll begin compiling a list.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us if you need support of any kind or if you have any questions. We are at the shop on a regular basis and can call you back upon request. You can also email us at :

From the MYT Team, we wish you well, and a safe and healthy retreat during these tumultuous times. Here are some stills of New York City, on a regular day. For a city that never sleeps, she is most definitely taking a nap like she hasn’t as long as we can remember.

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