MYT Opti-Glide Camera Checkout Bays Installation at Flüg Camera Rentals in New York City

Opti-Glide Installation, Flug Camera Rentals

Flüg Camera Rentals are expanding their operation in NYC with a new facility in Midtown Manhattan. Ideally located, in a beautiful, classic NYC loft with great views of the city, this light-filled space is perfect for a camera rental department fitted with checkout bays and ample space to operate comfortably. Flüg first saw the Opti-Glide Checkout System at NAB 2019 and felt that the unique features and capabilities of our camera checkout bays were ideally suited for their camera rental department. They also felt that the Opti-Glide would simplify and streamline the checkout process, making it easier, not only of the camera operators and assistants, but also the staff at Flüg. Saving a significant amount of time with the calibration-free capabilities of the Opti-Glide was an important consideration as well.

Opti-Glide Installation, Flug Camera Rentals

We wanted to make sure that the Checkout Bays would complement the space and feel as if they were part of the existing structure with its classic, “turn of the century” fire-retardant tiles and large, round columns. We designed vertical steel support bars to hold the Aluminum I-Beams for each lane. We purposefully left them in their raw appearance, unpainted. They blend nicely with the fire tiles on the ceiling. Each lane is fitted with our calibration-free distance digital readout and motor system for the 4th lane. Our Pedestal units are also installed on every lane, precisely lined up to the optical axis of the charts.

Each checkout bay comes equipped with the P.A.T. charts. Flüg wanted to fit the Opti-Glides with the most accurate charts available and ensure that the higher resolution camera sensors, bound to be introduced in the coming years, could be handled.

Once the installation is completed we’ll post additional stills of the installation. Flug Camera Rentals are planning on a September launch date for their new facility.

Opti-Glide Installation, Flug Camera Rentals

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