Final Stages of the Opti-Glide Installation at Camera Ambassador in Chicago

Our Opti-Glides installation at Camera Ambassador is almost done and entering in its last phase today!

All the electronic components and cable runs that are needed to set up the Calibration-free distance digital readouts, the motor, and keyboard interface are being installed. By Monday morning, both Opti-Glide Camera Checkout Bays will be operational. Earlier this morning, we completed the installation of the pedestals which are fitted with low profile removable Hi-hats.

This rental space is perfect for the MYT Opti-Glides. A large skylight brings in a lot of natural light. We wouldn’t be surprised if some operators will even bother to use the light on the bridge above the charts.

Both Opti-Glides are fitted with P.A.T. charts. In this configuration, the range is up to 16 ft on both lanes.

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