New Bearing Wheels and Bearing Module Maintenance for MYT Works Medium Slider Dolly

The new MYT Works Medium Camera Sliders use the same new wheel design that was implemented for the MYT Works Large Slider. It was designed around a stainless steel shoulder screw that allows for easy installation and removal.

We first engineered this wheel system for the Large Camera Slider, which brought unique challenges for the more compact bearing module size of the Medium Slider’s carriage body. In order to maintain the tolerances we expected, while also being able to successfully press-fit a precision bearing inside the of the wheel, demanded even tighter tolerances. We’re happy to report that this latest development is bringing the quality of motion to our Medium Slider that we had never achieved before. It is certainly not a technology that anyone in our industry has tackled before. Now both MYT Works Medium and Large Camera Slider dollies offer a level of accuracy, consistency of motion, and back-lash free starts and stops that have not been achieved before. Come see for yourself at our shop in Brooklyn! We are also now offering an upgrade program for the new carriages fitted with these new bearing modules.

Our uniquely designed and engineered wheels and sleeve system do not require lubrication of any kind. We are aware that it is not an easy thing to believe, but it is a fact! If anything, the use of any lubricant, oil, or DW40 will affect the slider performance.

The composite we are using in the latest generation is made of one of the hardest materials available in the industry. It is practically impossible for any particle of dirt to stick to it; however, cleaning them on a regular basis will help maintain optimum performance. In order to clean, locate the silicon cap at the top of the bearing module, specifically designed and engineered to lift with the help of a pin, to access the top of the wheel. Simply locate a cue-tip saturated with denatured alcohol or warm water and slowly slide the carriage back and forth until it feels smooth and clean again. Repeat with a cloth to clean the tracks. If you keep a cleaning regimen, the camera slider will work flawlessly for years to come.

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