Otto Nemenz International Orders 31 P.A.T. Charts

Otto Nemenz International and MYT Works have finalized an order for 31 P.A.T. Sharpness Calibration Charts on the eve of Cine Gear Los Angeles.

P.A.T. Charts offer support for very high resolutions up to 250 pairs of lines per millimeter at the camera sensor, well beyond the resolution of any sensor in use today. All charts include circular, linear, and Siemens sharpness targets as well as frame leaders, erasable technical annotation areas, and an anti-bending aluminum frame. The charts can be fully customized, branded with your company’s logo and outfitted with a number of different accessories including a color chart. The full magnetic backing and mirror centering aid make mounting the Chart and centering the camera easy.

Mr. Nemenz welcomed the P.A.T. Charts’ recent availability in the United States and was very impressed with their quality. He thought that they were the “best charts” he has ever seen, recognizing how every detail was well thought out and designed for the user. We want to thank Mr. Nemenz, Mr. Lopez and Mr. Heinzle for their support and look forward to installing the P.A.T charts in their facility soon.

MYT Works is the exclusive dealer for the P.A.T Charts in North America and will be showing three sizes at Cine Gear along with the latest iterations of the MYT Works Camera Sliders, Skater Dollies, and Opti-Glide Camera Checkout System.

For more details about P.A.T. Charts, visit the MYT Works website:

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