Magnetic Dampeners now available for Constellation and Level 5 Skater Dollies

An industry-first for Camera Skater Dollies, our new magnetic dampeners are based on the recent design engineered for our Camera Sliders. Located on both the carriage and the end trusses, these dampeners are very easy to install with two stainless steel 1/4 20 bolts on each end truss and 3 bolts on each side on the carriage itself. They work seamlessly for both the Constellation and Level 5 Camera Skater Dolly. Fitted with 2 magnets on each bracket, they offer a very smooth, gentle landing on each side and are very helpful in easing down to a stop on either side of the carriage. These new dampeners are compatible with all existing versions of our Camera Skater Dollies and do not require any modifications or adjustments. The kit comes with all the necessary parts and bolts. The kit consists of four brackets: two that mount on the end trusses and two on the carriage itself.  Two magnets are located in each bracket, tightly fitted in a countersunk recess.

The price for the complete kit is $475. These new magnetic dampeners will be introduced at Cine Gear Expo next week. We are offering a 10% discount to all our registered owners of either the Constellation or Level 5 Camera Skater Dolly, and kits will ship at the end of June. This special offer for our existing clients is valid until June 15, 2019.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. If you want to feel first hand what these magnetic dampeners can do, please come visit us at Cine Gear.  You are also welcome to visit our shop in Brooklyn.

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