New Underslung Bracket System for Camera Sliders

We are in the final design stages for a new Underslung Bracket for both the Medium and Large Camera Sliders!

Far more compact and easier to set up, it offers the ability to use it for both sizes Camera Sliders. A particularly helpful feature for some of the rental houses with both MYT Works Medium and Large Camera Sliders as well as Camera Operators who own both.

Here’s a comparison between the last models and the new one:

Previous Underslung BracketsNew Underslung Bracket
SizesMedium or LargeOne size

4 main plates

4 rods

2 brackets

2 main plates

4 rods

The new Bracket will also no longer cover the top of the bearing modules. This is particularly helpful for wheel cleaning.

As with the previous model, this Underslung Kit holds the same 5.25″ Hi-Hat with all the various mounts. The rods come 5″ standard but different length rods can be used or added as well. The new design is easier to pull and push with the same handle design facing the Operator both on the top and bottom bracket. We’ll post some pictures shortly when the first prototype is machined.

For those who have ordered the extended Accessories Bundle, we’ll ship the new Underslung Kit at no charge when it’s ready.  We expect availability in late June.

Let us know if you have any questions on the latest iteration of our Underslung Bracket System for the Medium and Large Camera Sliders!

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