New Wheels for MYT Works Camera Sliders

We have discovered a new compound for our wheels for our Camera Sliders that offers a smoother motion and an even more consistent linear gliding action. This latest generation brings a whole new level of overall smoothness and precision that has never been achieved before. This is really exiting for us. We always look for better materials and this latest one does not disappoint.

New wheels for Camera Sliders

With five times the tensile strength of the previous material, these new wheels demanded a great deal of fine tuning in our machine shop and significant period of trial and error. It was well worth it.

All new Camera Sliders Systems ship with these wheels. Current and older systems can also be fitted with these wheels for upgrade on existing systems.

In addition to an improved motion, these new wheels are extremely strong and far less sensitive to dirt and/or material buildup on the surface. While if it recommended to clean your wheels on a regular basis, you’ll experience less deposit and cleaning will be even easier.

New wheels for Camera Sliders

As a reminder, you can clean the wheels by removing the silicon cap on top of your bearing modules, use a cotton tip with denatured alcohol and roll it back and forth until all the dirt and/or particles are removed.

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