MYT Works Pedestal Installation at Adorama in NYC

Installing the MYT Pedestal at Adorama

Last week we completed the installation of the MYT Pedestals at Adorama in New York, NY. Adorama’s camera check-out department needed camera pedestals to complement their MYT Opti-Glide camera chart system.

MYT Pedestal Installation at Adorama

The MYT Pedestal has a tubular support that can be fitted with additional platforms and trays to expand its use by those going through a camera check-out. Camera rental managers can easily switch between a 75, 100 or 150mm ball or a Mitchell mount. Mount flush to the plate or use a MYT Hi-Hat, which works with our camera sliders and skater dollies swiftly and without tools via a quick-release latch.

The MYT Works Pedestal In Action

The MYT Pedestal system is unique in the industry with the ability to add both a camera slider system and linear encoder, both part of the MYT Synchrone system that can be added to the MYT Pedestal.

MYT Pedestal with the MYT Opti-Glide

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