An Overview of the MYT Works Duo-pod

One of our highlights this year at the #NAB2018 show in Las Vegas was the debut of our MYT Duo-pod, a new camera support system that allows operators to support MYT Camera Sliders and Skater Dollies with speed rail legs, bypassing partially or completely the use of a tripod, stand, or any stud based support system.

Designed with multiple support options include:

+ Straight or Angled Speedrail adaptors using both standard 1.25“ speed rail and MYT anodized speed rail

+ Straight or Angled 19 mm adapters using MYT 19mm standard rods, the same used with the MYT Rosette Leg adapters

+ Upcoming right-angle speed rail adapter

+ Compatible with our 12-inch MYT Constellation arm extenders for a wider footprint

+ Mounting options include 75, 100, or 150 mm doughnut or a Mitchell mount

You are welcome to check out the Duo-pod prototype in our Brooklyn shop to get a more comprehensive understanding of its capabilities. We will keep you updated on release dates.

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