Safety Hook for Camera Skater Dolly

A cinema camera package with a lens and viewfinder can weigh up to 150 pounds or more, so it is important to prevent it from tipping over. MYT Works helps operators avoid the embarrassment and cost associated with damaging equipment by making safety a central part of our product development process. MYT Works has incorporated three different safety features into our skater dolly design.

First, our skater wheel modules are designed to snap onto the rails, not just sit on top of them. This is due to a spring-loaded wheel design that keeps the dolly in place, applying constant pressure to the rails without compromising smooth movement.

Second, our skater wheel brake feature on our Level 5 (medium) and Constellation (large) keeps the skater dolly carriage in place to prevent runaway motion. With this tightened, operators can walk away from a skater setup and the camera package will not run off the rails due an uneven ground or the system being out of level.

Third, our optional safety hook accessory ( completely prevents the dolly from leaving the rails. With this lock attached, it is almost impossible for the rig to tip over as the hook firmly catches the rail before the dolly can tumble. It’s designed to mount on any of the wheel modules so those who want extra peace of mind can use multiple hooks. Finally, we made it as unobtrusive as possible. An operator can engage and disengage the hook without having to disassemble anything. In addition to safety, this feature also provides increased security, preventing anyone from easily walking away with the skater in public places or on showroom floors.

We make it a priority to ensure skater dolly safety and we are always open to new ideas. Share your thoughts at


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