Focus on Accessories: Underslung Camera Mounting Kit

Today we’re focusing on the MYT Works Underslung Camera Mounting Kit. Be sure to take a look at our selection of camera slider and skater dolly accessories.

Underslung Camera Mounting Kit

The Underslung attached to a MYT Glide system, viewed from below

The Underslung Camera Mounting Kit is so user friendly, it only takes 3 minutes to set up! Completely adaptable to your MYT Glide camera slider, this kit takes full advantage of the double rail design of the Glide, as well as the many available holes on our carriage plate. The Underslung can be used with any medium or large MYT Hi-Hat, and with two of them, you can mount a camera on the upper carriage as well as underneath using the Underslung Mounting Kit! This versatile accessory is essential to keep unsightly rails out of your shot, filming as close to your subject as possible without worrying about equipment getting in the way. Explore endless shooting possibilities from a whole new angle with the Underslung!

Be sure to check out our store for a full range of accessories and equipment! Check out our other Focus on Accessories blog posts, too — Half-Ball Adapter and Speedrail Connectors.

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