Focus on Accessories: Half-Ball Adapter

Today we’re focusing on the MYT Works Half-Ball Adapter. Be sure to take a look at our selection of camera slider and skater dolly accessories.

Half-Ball Adapter

Half-Ball Adapter

Half-Ball Adapter attached to a camera slider, viewed from above

The Half-Ball Adapter is a must-have accessory. If using a tripod for your MYT Glide Camera Slider, the Half-Ball Adapter easily attaches to a Static Plate with its built in 3/8” thread, or take the safe and secure route, attaching the Adapter with the three stainless steel M6 screws provided. You will have no problem finding a way to attach this accessory with our plethora of mounting options. Each Half-Ball Adapter also comes with the appropriate tie-down to install on the underside of your tripod.

Be sure to check out our store for a full range of accessories and equipment!  Check out our other Focus on Accessories blog posts, too — Underslung Camera Mounting Kit and Speedrail Connectors.

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