The Floating Pedestal

Exclusively available with the Underslung OG Compact 

Exclusively available with the OG Compact Underslung configuration, The Floating Pedestal eliminates the need for any part of the system to have contact with the ground. Its unique design allows the user to mount the camera on a suspended module that can be fitted with a 100mm, 75mm or flat mount.

The Floating Pedestal can be installed in a fixed position or mounted on the underslung bracket to move the camera when the chart is in a fixed position.

A swivel-tray accessory is available to go with the Floating Pedestal. This offers more storage space for an optimally organized and unencumbered camera checkout experience.

This streamlined use of space leaves the surrounding work area clear of any cumbersome equipment and/or tripping hazards, resulting in a camera checkout system with an even smaller footprint than before.