The Film Equipment Store Partnership

We are delighted to announce The Film Equipment Hire in Dublin Ireland is now carrying our lines of Camera Sliders and Camera Skater Dollies. Colin Browne has been a client of ours for a few years. He knows our equipment inside-and-out, and our systems are part of his rental inventory. Following his experience with our Camera Sliders and Skater Dollies, Collin approached us to be a dealer in Ireland. He visited our shop in New York City, saw our operations firsthand, and understood all the different models as well as accessories that we design, engineer, and manufacture in our facility.


Film Equipment Store, Dublin, Ireland, Partnership

Here is Colin of Film Equipment Hire, Ireland in his own words on our new partnership!:

“We are a rental and sales company based in Dublin, Ireland. I first came across MYT Works while in New York a few years ago. I had traveled from Ireland to purchase some equipment, including some camera sliders. 

When I first saw the MYT sliders they stood out immediately, beautifully crafted and machined parts. On closer inspection and after trying them out, I found that not only did they look great—their performance was silky smooth. We immediately purchased two camera sliders and then a camera skater dolly, and have been renting them out since. 

The cost point for the sliders was above what we had paid for previous brands but the payback over the years was well worth it, and we still have sliders that preform as well now as the day we bought them. Our customers are big fans of them and we retain loyalty in the market here from people who will not use anything but MYT on jobs.

This year we opened up and a new store, The Film Equipment Store, and MYT was one of the first brands I looked at stocking. I traveled over to Brooklyn, met the team in MYT, spent a couple of days with them, and saw first hand the amount of work that goes into making these wonderful camera sliders. All pieces are lovingly machined on-site and assembled by a group of talented technicians and engineers. The pride and enthusiasm of everybody working there was obvious and is reflected in the systems they are making.

We now have MYT in our showroom here in Dublin and are very proud to be associated with this great brand.”

We are looking forward to this new partnership with Colin and his company. It is always a pleasure to work with people who truly understand our industry.