MYT Works Reviews

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John Marino

JMR Equipment Rentals

MYT Works Inc. products are among the very best in the industry. We love everything about the product and the company. Etienne and Niket treat you like family with professional care. In the rental industry your equipment is your reputation, and we stake our reputation on MYT products, Their durability and design are absolutely perfect.

Ray Ellis

Producer / Director – Footpath Pictures

MYT Works took the extra step to get the accessory I needed in time for a film shoot. I appreciate their customer service very much. A great company!

Yogesh Khubchandani

Director / Cinematographer

MYT works makes amazing gear for film production. I purchased a couple of constellation dollies for my next film. The engineering work is amazing, the design is thoughtful to make it very versatile and easy to use. And their design and machining is beautiful like art. They invited me to their facilities and spent a lot of time showing me things and doing setups to solve the problems I wanted solved, and I didn’t even purchase anything after spending 3 hours with their team doing the demo. I finally was able to purchase 2 years after that demo. And they still remembered what additional customization’s I needed for my setup. They did some custom machined parts specially for me. It is always a pleasure talking to Etienne and Niket on the phone. I still call them from time to time to solve some more specific problems and they still amaze me with the simplicity of their customization’s. It is very rare to find such amazing designers, engineers who go beyond common imagination and create beautiful equipment that is a pleasure to use. And when I am using MYT Works equipment, all my concentration is on filming, and my natural coordination between walking along and hands and eyes simply takes over instinctively. Thank you for making amazing equipment!

Daril Pettit

Invariant Corporation

I have used MYT for machining of precision parts two different times and they did a great job. MYT pricing and turn round time is great. I work in Huntsville, AL and there are machine shops here, but because of the great work that MYT does, it is well worth my time to get my parts build there. I think they are a great company!

Adam Kilbourn

President / Owner – Black Raven Films

What caught my attention was just how amazingly well engineered the products are. They are beautiful. I was looking to get a new slider, and the one we were using kept wobbling. I ended up purchasing the skater dolly kit, and started using it. It’s designed for professional use and big heavy cameras. It can do long slides, 10 feet or even longer. When you bring it on-set with your client, they go wow, that’s amazing! It’s adaptable and precise.

Ben Davis

Incredible service and products. They were able to customize a camera copy stand solution for cultural heritage photography for my business. Their solution cost less than most out of the box solutions that I found on the market.