Safety Hook for Camera Skater Dolly


Even complex, heavy camera rigs are very safe on our Camera Skater Dollies due to our industry-first pressure-based wheel system that applies spring-loaded pressure to your track. This unique mechanism not only increases the smoothness of your travel, but also secures your dolly carriage to the track for safety.

However, we wanted to offer an additional security system in the form of a catch-all hook that makes it truly impossible for your rig to tip off the tracks. We recommend mounting a Safety Hook on both sides of your Constellation or Level 5 camera skater dolly, but even one will do the trick.  The Safety Hook is a simple, intuitive accessory that further prevents the accidental tipping of your camera setup from the Skater Dolly.  Engage and disengage the hook without removing it from the skateboard wheel module.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in