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OG Compact Reticle – Grounded
Simmod Grounded 3

We’re pleased to announce our second installation at Simmod Lens in Windsor, Ontario

This marks our second collaboration with Simmod Lens. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to install one of our inaugural OG Compact Systems, an 8’ Freestanding model, which is also located at their Windsor facility.

Our latest installation at Simmod Lens boasts a 10’ OG Compact Grounded Reticle system.

A “Grounded” system is anchored into the ground with base flanges. This semi-permanent mounting option is great for facilities where a ceiling-mounted system is not ideal or feasible. A Grounded OG Compact offers the same permanence and stability as the original Opti-Glide, only with nominal installation and semi-portability, meaning the system can be uninstalled and remounted at a new location with (relative) ease, if necessary.

Simmod Grounded 2
Simmod Grounded 5

Simmod Lens founder Ron Sim is a well-renowned lens technician in the industry, so it’s no surprise he was able to envision a truly innovative setup for his new OG Compact, which is customized specifically for testing specialized lenses at his facility. As such, we’ve dubbed this unprecedented configuration the ‘OG Compact  Reticle‘.

Instead of using a conventional projection board, Ron opted to project straight onto a specially treated wall directly opposite the OGC. This wall ultimately functions as a large, static projection board. The Chrosziel Projector is mounted directly onto the system’s sliding carriage (via our MYT Works Custom Projector Plate) and is moved towards and away from the Projection Wall as needed. This strategic decision maximizes the workspace and broadens the scope of lenses that can be assessed at his facility. This is an excellent example of how an Opti-Glide Compact can be tailored to a specific application or purpose such as testing a wide variety of lenses under one roof and while simultaneously streamlining the process as well.

Simmod Grounded 7
Simmod Grounded 1

Working with Ron Sim and his team is always a fantastic experience, and we are grateful for the opportunity to complete another installation at Simmod Lens.

Cheers to many more collaborations in the future!

Simmod Grounded 4
Simmod Grounded 6

For more information on this Grounded Opti-Glide Compact Reticle configuration, or any other advanced installations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.