Red Letter Rentals is expanding!

Moving from tight quarters into a new spacious facility in Burbank, Emaad and his team want to provide ample space with a streamlined camera check-out experience.

The main area features FIVE 18ft Opti-Glide camera checkout bays with generous space in between each lane. Each Pedestal is fitted with an MYT Pedestal Slider to further expedite the checkout process by sliding the camera film plane to the laser, as opposed to moving the camera body on the dovetail.

Red Letter Rentals brought ground power to each Pedestal to allow for power to camera, monitors, chargers and accessories. Long knee-high desks allow for equipment case layout.

Each Pedestal is fitted with handmade slide-out walnut trays and drawers.

Looking forward to a future where additional Opti-Glides can be added, four additional supporting structural support beams were installed as well.