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myt works checkout bay opti-glide systemat panavision

Panavision camera rental houses are in a league of their own. A fabled name in the film industry, they are not only a camera rental house but a manufacturer of legendary cameras and lenses.

The Panavision logo has occupied a prominent credit placement in some of the greatest movies ever made. Iconic images of famous film directors looking through a Panavision camera viewfinder sitting atop a camera crane are an integral part of the Industry lexicon.

myt works opti-glide reticle at panavision
4x8 ft Board
myt works panavision opti-glide reticle

With one of the most extensive camera lens inventories, Panavision needed to expand its in-house technical department lens checkout capabilities while shortening the time needed to check each and every lens.

The MYT Opti-Glide Reticle systems were installed in the heart of the lens technician department. It was integrated into Panavision’s in-house operations for this very purpose.

They have multiple industry-first Opti-Glide features, including real-time Instant Distance Digital Read-outs, Hand Cranks and Motor controls. Besides, our 4 X 8 ft projector screen board has five-axis adjustment capabilities, allowing for a fine adjustment with four equidistant corners.

The Hand Crank allows moving the board by hand, while the Motor gives the full advantage of the presets setting capabilities.

The motor option was upgraded recently.

myt works opti-glide reticle at panavision
Instant Distance Digital Readout
myt works checkout bay opti-glide systemat panavision
myt works opti-glide reticle at panavision
myt works opti-glide reticle at panavision

Known for their extensive technical knowledge that permeates everything Panavision does, they are staffed with some of the leading camera and lens technicians in the World. They are a demanding bunch, bent on setting industry standards and benchmarks that few camera rental houses can match. We are proud that our high-tech camera checkout system became an indispensable tool in the daily lens testing workload performed by lens technicians in the Panavision Facility.

Unlike most Facilities, Panavision has its projector, which was installed on custom-made tables with wood tops.

We also installed a second monitor to display the distance next to the projector. This setup allows us to see the distance not only atop the screen-board but next to the lens as well.