dbV Rentals | Nashville

OG Compact – Freestanding
Nashville’s dbV Rentals ensemble features three Opti-Glides and an OG Compact.

We are delighted to present our installation at dbV Rentals in Nashville, TN.

Featuring a total of four MYT Works Opti-Glide systems, dbV has established a new standard in Nashville’s camera rental community. Each system is fully loaded to cater to the diverse needs of their clientele.

DbV Rentals opted for an 8’ Freestanding OG Compact to complement their trio of 18’ Opti-Glides. The portability of the OG Compact is an innovative feature exclusive to MYT Works, affording dbV Rentals the flexibility to have a camera checkout station anywhere within their facility, particularly during peak periods. Furthermore, this system serves as an indispensable tool for their lens technicians, enabling in-house lens testing and calibration by way of a reversible 2-in-1 focus chart and projection board.

Additionally, their three 18′ Opti-Glides are equipped with Calibration-Free Film Plane Encoders, hand cranks, and our Motor & Keyboard interface, enabling a precise and streamlined camera checkout experience.

Each system is outfitted with retractable handmade walnut trays and drawers, creating an efficient and clutter-free workspace environment.

dbV Rentals Nashville Opti-Glide Installation
One of three 18' Opti-Glides at dbV Rentals in Nashville

Doug Bates’ camera rental facility stands as Nashville’s premier video equipment rental house, epitomizing the fusion of personalized boutique service with the extensive resources of a major rental establishment. Situated in the heart of Nashville, dbV Rentals has emerged as the go-to destination for seasoned professionals seeking unrivaled support and expertise.

We’re grateful to have this experience working with dbV and look forward to collaborating with them as their facility continues to flourish in the Nashville film and video production community.