Camera Ambassador | Chicago, IL

myt works camera ambassador opti-glide
High ceilings with massive beams

One of our favorite installations, Camera Ambassador presented significant challenges.

Located in an Industrial Chicago neighborhood in an austere old building with very high ceilings with massive beams, the installation not only needed an unusually rigid supporting structure, given the ceiling height but also a camera check lane configuration that would allow for the use of the space for other purposes besides camera checkouts.

Both Opti-Glide Camera Checkout Bays are fitted with instant distance digital readout displays, calibration-free film plane encoders, and motor systems.

myt works opti-glide camera ambassador
Unusually rigid supporting structure
myt works camera ambassador opti-glide
Camera Ambassador - PAT Chart and happy puppy

Erika, the owner of Camera Ambassador, was keen on offering her clients, whom she often shares a close relationship with, a streamlined camera checkout experience that would allow them to come in and out as quickly as they could.

Erika also wanted to use the room for events and special screenings.

This explains the room configuration with each lane tucked as close as possible to each side, allowing for a clean line of sight for the projector and the white wall between the two lanes.

The Pedestals were also positioned to be used as tall tables when gatherings and events are scheduled in the space. This is one of the most effective and attractive use of space we’ve ever seen. It works extremely well as a multi-purpose use environment. With our detachable frame for the charts, Erika’s team can take them out and open the whole space for people to gather.

myt works arri rental opti-glide pat charts
The Pedestal
myt works camera ambassdor opti-glide
Unusually rigid supporting structure

Erika also wanted to keep the industrial, utilitarian aspect of the space. We used raw carbon steel support columns and lateral supports which we purposefully left unpainted to complement the industrial appearance of this very unique and inviting camera rental house.

About Camera Ambassador

Founded in 2014 by Erica Duffy, Camera Ambassador is one of only three equipment rental houses nationwide owned and operated by a woman.

While supporting clients through equipment rentals is their main focus, Camera Ambassador is much more than that. They offer monthly workshops & feedback sessions, host screenings, promote filmmakers, provide internships, and fund the annual Community Builders Grant.

Camera Ambassador loves getting to know their clients and supporting them in all areas of development and creation.