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ARRI Rental
First Opti-Glide at ARRI Rental

A brand new building in Burbank, CA with ample space to accommodate large film productions, the ARRI team wanted to provide generous space between each camera check out lanes.

ARRI Rental
2 x 18 ft Systems in the open area
Opti-Glide at ARRI
Generous space between each Camera Check Out
Besides the space, ARRI also cared to provide their more demanding production companies with private check-out rooms.

With two 18 ft Systems in the open area, and two 24 ft systems, each installed in the private feature rooms, this setup allows for a great deal of common area to spread and set up a variety of equipment.

ARRI Opti-Glide
24 ft System in the private feature room
Opti-Glide at ARRI Rental
24 ft System in Private feature room 2
About ARRI Rental

AARI’s goal is to equip their clients with the most inspiring image technology in the world. They are unique in terms of the exclusive products they have developed, and their resources.

They aim for warm welcomes, friendly expertise, personalized solutions, and relationships built on trust.

ARRI Rental
Private feature room
ARRI Rental
Open Area
24 ft Opti-Glide in Private Feature Room
24 ft Opti-Glide in Private Feature Room
ARRI Rental
Distant Digital Readout