MYT Works Product Training + Demo at Adorama NYC

We would like to thank Adorama for hosting our Camera Slider and Skater Dolly Product Training & Demo tutorials last Thursday. Adorama is a reseller for photo, video, and electronics, located on 18th Street in Manhattan. They have been part of the New York City film community for over 40 years, and are a trusted partner for all MYT Works Systems Sales. Additionally, Adorama Rentals exclusively carries both Medium and Large Camera Sliders as well as Level 5 and Constellation Skater Dolly lines.
The energy at Adorama was phenomenal and the response to our Camera Slider Dollies and Skater Dollies was very encouraging. The group was very impressed with the latest innovative features on our Large Camera Slider. Amongst its many features, we showed both Camera Sliders fitted with the latest bearing generation and magnetic dampeners as well as the latest all-inclusive kits. The MYT Camera Slider was mounted on a Sachtler FSB tripod and a C-Stand. These new features are also offered on the Medium and the Large Camera Slider.
We’d like to give a special shoutout and thank you to Chez Gluck, Anna Diaz, and Ed DeLauter from Adorama for their amazing help and partnership. We are looking forward to working together with the latest release of our systems.