Hawk London | UK

We are thrilled to announce another successful installation recently completed at Hawk London.

This installation features an 18ft Opti-Glide system fully-equipped with a Hand-Crank, Keyboard & Motor, and Pedestal complete with our Film-Plane Encoder.

This “decked-out” Opti-Glide system has already begun to elevate the camera checkout experience at Hawk London’s facility.

As a company, Hawk is renowned for providing top-quality Hawk and Vantage lenses to cinematographers not only in the UK but across the globe. With multiple facilities strategically located worldwide, Hawk Lenses offers an extensive range of rental equipment curated to support projects of all scales and complexities.

The installation completed at Hawk London signifies a harmonious fusion of MYT Works’ state-of-the-art systems and Hawk’s unwavering dedication to cinematography excellence and their mission of democratizing the craft of filmmaking for all.