The Pedestal Compact Professional Studio Camera Pedestal

The Pedestal Compact offers all the essential and unique features of the MYT Pedestal in a smaller footprint. Unlike the traditional monolithic columns type camera pedestal support usually found in rental houses, the camera Compact pedestal is of a similar footprint but is far more versatile in its capabilities, features, and mounting options.

The Compact Pedestal is designed to handle all the accessories available for the MYT Opti-Glide including the Laser Film plane and the Film plane encoder.

Pedestal Compact
Pedestal Compact

Sizes + Specs

Size of Pedestal plates: 23 3/4 in x 14 3/8 in

Top plate is 3/4″ thick

Bottom Plate is 1/2 in thick

Pedestal major dimensions: 29in x 20 in

Compact Pedestal: 11 3/4 in x 9 in

Level at a glance

A spirit level allows for the quick glance of the upper plate level at anytime

Accepts all camera mounts

The Pedestal Compact accepts every single camera mount on the market.

Middle stage

The middle stage allows for an increased rigidity and a holding platform for accessories.


Hi-Hat mounting capabilities

With the Hi-Hat, which can be tightened with our integrated clamp system or SRP locking bolts, the user can seamlessly switch between different camera without even removing the camera head and the camera if needed.

Articulated camera box

A wooden articulated camera box can be mounted on any one of the supporting legs. This unique camera pedestal feature provides the user with additional flexibility with the ability to set tools, accessories right in front the camera.

Numerous floor mounting possibilities

The. The bottom stage is designed to be mounted on a variety of surfaces, including cement, wood, and most kind of flooring materials. The countersink mounting holes allow for a more uniform surface.

Integrated mounting design

The Flush plate, integrated on the top plate surface, accepts either a flat mount, a 75 mm or 100 mm Doughnut

Articulated Arm

An articulated arm can be used to mount a variety of accessories on any of the three supporting legs.

Mounting accessory additions

A variety of mounting options are integrated on the top plate to allow for the addition of any accessory via magic arms or any mount.