Consider these questions when you select your MYT Works camera support tools.

Our products support all cameras. Glide slider dollies and Skater dollies are suitable for any camera from a DSLR to a broadcast camcorder and any camera in between.

Looking for the right fit? Trust yourself. The right camera motion starts with the perfect fit between you and your tools, and only you can know when it feels just right. That’s why we offer multiple size and rail span variations while maintaining the same material and fabrication quality at every price level. This means you can choose the slider that aligns with your needs without sacrificing features, reliability and performance.

Our slider dolly is a grab-and-go tool that saves those precious and fleeting minutes that increase production costs. Just snap on the Hi-Hat with the quick release latch and start shooting. You’ll never have to dismount the camera to move your Hi-Hat to a Rover Dolly, or take a shot with the Hi-Hat alone.

Our designs minimize camera error due to the sheer sturdiness of our systems compared to their carrying weight. This holds true even with a variety of accessories mounted on top of or below our dollies, and with our sliders or skaters mounted on any number of stands. Our sliders have a hi-tech bearing system that employs both a sliding element (a low-friction sleeve) and a rolling element (a wheel). This design contributes to the quality of motion: the wheel makes large camera packages easy to move while the sleeve keeps the motion damped and under control, so you can make very clean starts and stops. Also, our skater dolly wheel configuration is angled and spring loaded for consistent motion in any environment. This helps you produce the highest quality camera motion.

If you tend to work with a longer lens, try our large slider dollies. In addition to extra weight capacity, their width provides added stability for larger, unbalanced camera configurations, including those with tall centers of gravity. If you use a heavier fluid head, the width also better accommodates the operator’s pan and tilt inputs without affecting the sliding motion. Adjust your posture and position relative to the different sliders widths and you might have a preference.

Are you a globetrotter? Do you prefer a lightweight set-up? The small sliders are our lightest models weighing from 9 to 11 lbs. The skater dollies disassemble for easy travel. The plate and wheel modules fit in a compact case and it runs on any speed rail that you can purchase wherever you go.

Do you have a rail/track preference? If you like the idea of using standard speed rail that you have on hand or can purchase at any length, our modular skater dollies are for you. The Glide slider rails are aluminum extrusions which resemble an I-beam in cross section, making them incredibly rigid and resistant to bending in the direction of load. Further, the rails are connected with 3/4″ thick machined aluminum plates and stainless hardware; so within the rated weight limits, the slider is very sturdy.

Our slider dollies are designed for easy maintenance. To clean, just remove the plastic cap from the wheel bearing on the slide and apply an alcohol swab to the wheels. For the skater dolly, just wipe the wheels and go. The large wheels of the skater dolly make it a breeze to clean quickly and keep shooting in sandy or dusty settings.

Interchangeable, adaptable parts are one of the cornerstones of our design process. Purchase parts across models and systems to create unparalleled versatility. Never worry about compatibility or obsolescence as you upgrade and change cameras or support preferences.

Concerned about durability and reliability? We offer the highest standard of durability in the industry. All of our parts are machined from aluminum and stainless steel for strength, longevity and corrosion resistance.  This means we do not sacrifice durability and reliability at any price point.

Need maximum mounting options? We’ve incorporated numerous mounting holes (threaded and non-threaded) on every plate in our systems, whether it’s a Glide slider static plate or a skater carriage platform. Any of our systems can be mounted on tripods, monopods, jibs, light stands, ⅝” studs, ¼”-20’s, and even wooden surfaces with regular screws. We’ve done everything we can to ensure that you can use your MYT Works slider dolly system anywhere, from a ceiling to a car hood, and every conceivable location in between. Also, our sliders and skater dollies can be purchased with any camera mount: Flat, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and Mitchell. Our systems adapt to your needs.

Want to feel the motion? Slider and skater dollies offer subtly different camera motion experiences; we welcome you to try both and decide which you prefer! Click here to schedule a free demo at our Manhattan location.

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