MYT Works Nodal Head Accessories

Mount an additional handle to the left-hand side of the camera plate for a two handle “broadcast-style” configuration.
SKU 1414
Increase the height of the tilt axis to accommodate longer lenses.
Velour 4″ SKU 1413
Velvet 3-1/2″ SKU 1195
Add length and an additional rotational adjustment to the handle.
SKU 1415
This Mitchell Mount tripod adapter saves you from sacrificing a fluid head when mounting the MYT Camera Slider on a tripod.
SKU 1251
Hard plastic case with custom foam interior, wheels and extendable handle.
Velour SKU 1411
Velvet SKU 1258
These wooden handles allow for greater grip and control of the carriage, resulting in more precise motion. 1/2″-13 thread.
Small SKU 1127
Large SKU 1128
Use the Velour or Velvet on any 100 mm base or tripod.
SKU 1182
Use the Velour or Velvet on any 150 mm base or tripod.
SKU 1122
Ultra-low profile eliminates any potential issue an operator might have with the length of their existing tie-down.
3/8″ SKU 1243
M10 SKU 1244

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