Camera Mount Accessories

Replace the Hi-Hat Tray with a Mitchell Mount for Mitchell camera heads.
SKU 1104
This camera slider mount, Flush Plate, allows an operator to mount a Mitchell Mount on the Level 5 or Constellation system.
SKU 1312
Attach these legs to the Aluminum End Trusses. Use different length, add extra rods for even more height and adjust the angle with 48 incremental possibilities.
SKU 1177
The MYT Works Dynamic Plate is essential for tripod mounted camera sliders. It allows operators to attach a tripod at any position along the bottom of the rail. For our Camera Slider Dolly.
SKU 1106
Mount the 100 mm Doughnut to the Tray for 100 mm camera heads.
SKU 1309
Mount the 75 mm Doughnut to the Doughnut Flush Plate for 75 mm camera heads.
SKU 1310
Our adapters form the rigid mechanical interface between your tripod and the underside of a Slider. Comes with all necessary hardware including a Tie-Down.
SKU 1182
This 150 mm tripod adapter saves you from sacrificing a fluid head when mounting the MYT Camera Slider on a tripod.
SKU 1122
Replace the Hi-Tray with a 150 mm Mount for 150 mm camera heads.
SKU 1103
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