We’re headed to the European Lens Summit at CVP

Only a couple of months after BSC, the MYT Works team is returning to the UK for this year’s European Lens Summit at the CVP headquarters right outside of London. CVP has been a dealer of our products for years, and we are proud to call them great friends of the company.

CVP has been providing service and access to the best gear on the market for creatives in the United Kingdom and Europe for over 30 years. It’s always a pleasure to work with them in any capacity.

In fact, CVP houses our first, most extensive, custom-length Opti-Glide Reticle camera checkout system yet. Coming in at 35 feet, this record-breaking lens calibration system is sure to be a popular hit of the Summit.

We are also bringing a few of our favorite configurations of the new Opti-Glide Compact, the industry’s first-ever portable camera checkout and/or lens calibration system.

Available in a variety of configurations, this multi-purpose, flexible system offers camera rental houses numerous options to streamline the camera check out & lens calibration process both in-house and on-location.

To elaborate on this further, MYT Works founder, Etienne Sauret, will be conducting an hour-long session at the Lens Summit fittingly entitled “How to Optimize & Streamline Camera Checkout & Lens Calibration” between 2:30 & 4:30pm on both Saturday, May 20th & and Sunday, May 21st.

If you’ll be attending this year’s EU Lens Summit as well, let us know so we can connect. We hope to see you there!

Shortly after the Lens Summit, we will be headed right across the country to Los Angeles for the CineGear Expo. So, if we don’t catch you at CVP, you can catch us on the New York Streets of the Paramount Lot, booth 49A.


The MYT Works Team
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