Benefits of the Underslung OG Compact

Minimal footprint
Two-day installation
Utilizes overhead space
Floating Pedestal exclusively available with this option

The Underslung OG Compact is mounted on the ceiling in the same underslung style as the Opti-Glide, only with a far less comprehensive installation process. Mounting the system on the ceiling is an effective way to utilize your overhead space and maximize your floor space.

In fact, the new MYT Floating Pedestal, exclusively available with the underslung kit, eliminates the need for any part of the system to touch the floor.

The Floating Pedestal can be installed in a fixed position, essentially making it an inverted Pedestal without any ground support. This offers a clutter-free space directly below the camera. This streamlined use of space leaves the surrounding work area clear of any cumbersome equipment and/or tripping hazards, resulting in a camera checkout system with an even smaller footprint than ever before.

Alternatively, the Floating Pedestal can be mounted on the underslung carriage bracket to move the camera when the chart is in a fixed position. Additionally, the Underslung OG Compact can be used in conjunction with a fixed grounded compact pedestal or regular pedestal. This gives the Underslung OG Compact three camera mounting options to choose from.

With the floating pedestal, the OG Compact offers the most effective use of space by leaving the area beneath the system fully usable for other camera equipment and accessories.

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