Benefits of the Freestanding OG Compact

 Fully portable
Quick & Simple assembly
Speed rail legs
Great for busy rental houses
The best solution for on-location camera checkout

The Freestanding OG Compact is the industry’s first-ever portable camera checkout system. It stands on speed rail legs that maintain the system’s stability despite not being mounted to the ceiling or the ground like other iterations of the OG Compact. The legs aren’t mounted to anything yet it maintains sturdiness as if it were.

The system is engineered to be stable and support the weight of larger camera setups even though it’s not mounted to the floor or ceiling.

Since it doesn’t have to be installed anywhere, assembly is quick and easy. This saves on installation costs.

Like all OG Compact configurations, this system can be configured with a static chart & moving camera as well as a static camera & moving chart set-up.

The Freestanding OG Compact is a great option for busy rental houses looking for new ways to accommodate their clients. On a busy day when all checkout lanes are booked, it’s a simple solution to bring this guy in.

Not to mention, since this system is fully portable, it is the best option for on-location camera checkout. This eliminates the hassle of transporting equipment to-and-from rental houses for camera checkout. In theory, this system opens the opportunity to do a camera checkout in the back of a van. The opportunities are endless!

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