Adorama is Going Through a Major Expansion with One of Our Largest Installations Yet

More than five years ago, Adorama became our first client. They entrusted us with the design, engineering and manufacturing of the revolutionary Opti-Glide.
After five years, Adorama Camera Rentals is going through a major expansion. For more than two weeks now, we have been working on the installation of nine new Opti-Glide check-out bays. In addition, we are repositioning and extending the existing two 24 ft systems to 30 ft systems, which makes this quite a challenging installation. We have to rig a special independent structure to support each check-out bay on nearly 20 ft tall ceilings.
Additionally, we are installing the latest pedestal generation, designed and engineered with numerous mounting options which makes countless configurations possible.
This will be our second largest installation, featuring thirteen systems ranging from 18 to 30 feet in length.
In addition to some accessories Adorama was already using, the new lanes will feature our new Pedestal Camera Slider as well as the Film plane encoders.
The installation is laid out in an especially inviting, airy and welcoming way. Mike Nichols, the VP of sales and marketing at Adorama, is responsible for this particularly well-configured floor plan. The main area consists of five bays, generously spaced out between each lane. There are two more private feature lanes, two standalone check-out bays, and two dual-configuration 30 ft lanes across the five open bay areas. The layout for the entire installation is particularly useful, not only for the flow of people but for the flow of the equipment as well.

We are looking forward to completing the installation before the end of the year.

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