Two more MYT Opti-Glides in Sweden

You might remember the wide-open new facility at Ljud & Bildmedia with towering and a mezzanine overlooking the main checkout bay area fitted with six 24-foot Opti-Glide systems. In addition, they opened another facility in Sweden’s second-biggest city – Gothenburg.

The new location also has a vast ceiling. So it usually makes installation a little more complicated. But, we have already dealt with so many different structures, which gave us different experiences on handling any ceiling for our most accurate Calibration free Camera Checkout system in the world. We just completed it for two 24-foot Opti-Glide systems with Calibration Free Encoders and Handwheel Drive Systems.

Sweden, we want to express our gratitude for the opportunity to work with such great people in such a great city. It is a gratifying experience to provide you with the camera checkout bay systems we are so passionate about.

The installation was overseen by our international super technician Baard and the incredibly talented team at Ljud & Bildmedia.
Our in-house Supertechnician Ryan will soon fly to Sweden for training purposes.

Special thanks to Björn Thisell. We look forward to continuing to build our partnership with Ljud & Bildmedia.

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