Camera Rover Dolly – New Iteration

We are currently working on the latest iteration of our new camera Rover dolly. We’ve learned a great deal from the first release. The most significant upgrade: we are revisiting the locking mechanism for each axle by introducing a new industrial-strength plunger that can withstand the roughest handling and sustain a heavy fall without bending. This new plunger is pretty much indestructible. We felt that we need to re-engineer our camera rover dolly to make it even more robust to work in the most difficult environments, in any temperature and/or surface. We expect this system to be handled repeatedly throughout the day and put to work in new unexpected ways since the different wheelsets available with this camera dolly can greatly expand the variety of shooting options available. We are enlarging the main carriage plate footprint as well as introducing larger stainless steel shoulder screws for the wheels. The ability to change the wheels remains the same but now the operator can not only select any combination of rotation but he or she can also release the plunger to enable a free rotational setting on both axles. Now the Rover can turn freely in any direction on each axle for spontaneous shots where a character or object must be followed.

We are also working on a variety of accessories for this new iteration of our camera rover dolly. Some of them are already available and greatly expand the ability to switch from our slider or our camera skater dolly without removing the camera head.  With the MYT Hi-hat adapter plate, you can mount our Hi-hat on the rover dolly. 

We are excited to introduce this latest iteration that benefits from significant upgrades and added features. We are in the final stages of the new design with testing coming up. We are looking to release our new camera rover dolly by early Fall. This new Rover dolly will provide camera operators with a new tool that will greatly expand camera moves capabilities on the set while expanding the horizon of what can be done with a camera dolly that does not require tracks and is extremely compact, This is the first and only camera rover dolly that can support heavier professional film camera even when coupled large primes lenses, including anamorphic and film zoom lenses. We also believe that tinkerers will find new ways to incorporate our system in ways we did not even think of. More information will be coming soon with additional tech specs and photos.

Stay tuned!

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