Custom Projector mount for MYT Opti-Glide system at Camera Ambassador

Brandon and Erica, who run Camera Ambassador Rentals in Chicago, wanted to optimize their space and asked us to design a custom mount for their Denz PLC portable lens checker so it could be integrated with their MYT Works Opti-Glide Camera Checkout System. We’ve never done this before.  

This enables Camera Ambassador to check out any lens against the wall while using the unique features of the Opti-Glide Camera Checkout System for both operations. The projector, located behind the chart, can remain in place at all times, thus avoiding any down time installing or removing the projector. In the installation at Camera Ambassador, the Denz PLC projector is actually mounted on a 100 mm half ball adaptor, making it a breeze to level. Power is provided by the extra power outlets located above on the carriage itself. This custom configuration is particularly useful for camera rental houses concerned with either space and/or maximizing the use of their camera check out lanes.

In the stills showing the system, notice that the height of the projector can be adjusted as well, independently from the height if the chart itself. We are also including photos with and without the chart mounted so you can see more clearly how this option is designed.

MYT Works is based in New York and is a designer, engineer, and manufacturer of camera sliders and skater dollies. 

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