How to Clean Your Camera Slider’s Wheels

MYT Works Camera Sliders are the only camera sliders that do not require any sort of lubrication. The internet is filled with stories where a performance of slider deteriorates over a period of time as the lubricant or oil starts absorbing dust. This is the last thing a camera operator wants. That is why every professional camera operator loves to use MYT Works Camera Sliders.

We want your MYT Works Camera Slider to be your forever slider.

Check out the video below to learn how simple, easy and quick it is to maintain your MYT Works Camera Slider.

As a side note, if your MYT Works Camera slider is a few years old, you might want to consider sending it in for service and replacing the old worn wheels with the new generation wheels. The new generation wheels are made from a very strong polymer with self-lubrication properties. Check this post which explains in more details the new features of the latest wheels we designed.


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