Joe Stevens Creates Compelling Stories with MYT Works Gear

How did you hear about MYT Works?

I had owned several slider tracks from other manufacturers and was not happy with the performance. After some research online I stumbled across MYT Works and thought the product looked solid. It is.

What types of videos do you shoot?

I specialize in authentic, yet cinematic storytelling, creating stories that look and feel relatable and break through the anti-advertising filter of consumers to drive a message home that they care about.

How did you get into the industry? What helped you succeed?

Growing up, my family never had a video camera. For some reason, I was fascinated by them but it was something illusive that I couldn’t have. When I finally got my first camera around the age of 15, I never put it down. That passion and motivation has stuck with me since those early days and has been critical to breaking into this industry.

What do you like most about MYT Works products?

The MYT Works slider is lightweight enough to travel and operate with minimal crew. Yet, it is robust enough to handle a large camera rig.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I am motivated to tell stories that I am passionate about, not just as a side project, but for a living. We put so much care and effort into our work that it feels empty if we aren’t doing it for the right reasons. I think that mentality shows in the final product.

Aside from the MYT Works Slider or Skater, what are the key components of your camera gear? Please tell us about your go-to camera, lights, tripods and other accessories.

Your kit can be as simple or complex as you want. Every job is different and the camera equipment changes to match the criteria. With that being said, I own a MYT Works Slider because I use it all the time. It has proven useful on so many different types of shoots with a variety of camera rigs. Being able to mount upside down is a huge bonus as well. That slider is a swiss army knife in my kit.

Check out video shot with the MYT Works Glide Slider.

Joe Stevens – Film / Photo

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